Tranche 2

Course Development Phase

Course Development PhaseStatus
Course ConceptClosed
Course Development PlanningClosed
Public Consultation and RevisionClosed
Initial Course DevelopmentClosed
TASC Formal Review and FeedbackCurrent – ongoing
Course RefinementWill be undertaken at the same time as revision – post consultation and TASC FRF Feedback
Public Consultation and RevisionConsultation is now OPEN – from 29 August to 9 September
Submission for Accreditation
Further Development
Newly Accredited

*refer to Learning Area pages for updates for specific course development activity.

Critical Friends – Appointed April 2022

The role of a Critical Friend is: 

  • someone who has high-level subject matter knowledge and interest in the course under development
  • to extend and question thinking and to offer alternatives; and
  • support the work of the Curriculum Lead (CL) in the course development process.

For more information on the Terms of Reference and Role of a Critical Friend, including selection criteria, please read this document.

Course Development Update – HASS, HPE, Mixed Field and Technologies

The following Senior Secondary courses intended to be part of Tranche 2 will now be deferred to a later tranche as a result of resolving outstanding course development:

  • Sport and the Athlete 1
  • Athlete Development 2 and 3
  • Humans and History 1
  • History: Modern 3
  • History: Ancient 3
  • Studies of Religion 2 and 3
  • Transdisciplinary Projects 1, 2 and 3
  • Computer Science 3

To ensure continuity of pathways, Years 9-12 Learning are working together with the Office of TASC to seek an extension for the following existing courses:

  • Athlete Development 2
  • Outdoor Experiences 1
  • Outdoor Education 2
  • Outdoor Leadership 3
  • Modern History 3
  • Ancient History 3
  • You, Your Family and the Community 2
  • Making Moral Decisions 2
  • Exploring Issues in Society 2
  • Religion in Society 2
  • Studies of Religion 3
  • Student Directed Inquiry 3
  • Computer Science 3.