Sponsorship and Critical Friends Expression of Interest

Years 9 to 12 Learning are seeking Expressions of Interest for the following roles as part of course development processes:

  • Critical Friends (school based and non-school based); and
  • Sponsorship (school based and non-school based).

The role of a Critical Friend:

  • a critical friend is defined as ?a trusted colleague within the teaching profession who questions and challenges, provides data to be examined through another lens, and offers critique of a course in its development; and
  • is to extend, question thinking and to offer alternatives and support the work of Curriculum Leaders (CL) in the course development process.

The purpose of Sponsorship is to:

  • ensure and demonstrate the viability and relevance of proposed courses; and
  • provide opportunities for schools and industry partners to engage directly in the course development and implementation process.

Formal expression of interest forms and documentation are accessible from the course development page on the Years 11&12 website