Years 11 and 12 Cross-sectoral Moderation – 3 September 2021

Years 11 and 12 Moderation is scheduled to take place on Friday, 3 September 2021
The Department for Education, Children and Young People’s COVID-19 coordination team has advised that moderation meetings should be conducted online rather than scheduling large scale face-to-face meetings. 

The only exception to the online meetings schedule, is for a small group of courses which require students to produce multi-modal samples that cannot authentically be duplicated using digital mediums, these include:

As the Art teachers will be onsite at the same venues, it has been determined to also host the Theory and Criticism Level 3 meetings at the same location(s) using Zoom.

  • Art Practice Level 2 / Visual Art Level 2
  • Art Production Level 3
  • Art Studio Practice Level 3

ALL other sessions are online and will be state-wide meetings.

Registration and Pre-submission

  • All teachers (including those who attended Moderation in 2021) need to register online between 2 August 2021 to 27 August 2021.  Registrations will close at 5.00 pm on 27 August 2021 to enable necessary preparation for facilitation of these state-wide online sessions.
  • Teachers who register will receive an invitation (via email) to the Canvas course(s) shortly after their registration (within approximately 3 business days). Samples will be uploaded for marking from Wednesday 11 August 2021.

More information about registration, timetables, expectations are available on the Years 11 and 12 website.