Years 9 to 12 Course Development Phase 4 – Consultation Tranche 1B – Part 2

Thank you to all schools who provided feedback on the initial drafts of Tranche 1 courses during the Phase 3 consultation period.

The course consultation summaries for Tranche 1B courses are now available.

These courses are the final part of Tranche 1B now available for Phase 4 Consultation. Phase 4 Draft Courses include a range of course adjustments informed by feedback. They have also been updated in line with recently published TASC Accreditation policy documentation and following a TASC Health Check as part of the Senior Secondary Accreditation Framework process.

A series of resources have been developed to support you:

In this Tranche you will notice the addition of Essential Numeracy Level 1 as well as Essential Mathematics Level 1.

Feedback received from Phase 3 stakeholder consultation and through the TASC Health Check indicated support for two Level 1 Mathematics courses to provide pathways from Preliminary Mathematics through to Essential Mathematics courses.

The development and intentions of this course have been endorsed by the Mathematics Learning Area Group and current providers of the Everyday Maths course have been consulted.

Feedback closes at COB on 24 September 2021.