Transition Planning

Transition Planning is fundamental to high quality career education. Transition Planning helps to inform and guide students’ decision making. This is important for making decisions after year 10. 

Transition Planning can start in year 9. This might occur through work exposure and other career education activities. Parents and carers can be part of the transition planning process. 

The Education Act 2016 mandates the issuing of a Transition Statement at the completion of Year 10. An approved Transition Plan results in a Transition Statement being issued by the Principal. This permits the student to progress to an Approved Learning Program for years 11 and 12.  

In government schools, students use an online Transition Planning tool. They record their ideas about the future, including their year 11 course selection.  

Catholic and Independent Schools also issue Transition Statements to their year 10 students. Please contact the respective sector or school for more information. 


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