This page contains information to assist with the teaching of courses in the Science learning area.

Resources available to support the implementation of courses for senior secondary courses are shown in the dropdown menu below for each course. Resources available to support the implementation of Australian Curriculum in DECYP schools can be accessed from the Teaching and Learning Centre (DECYP Teachers). 

An online space has been established to provide an opportunity for teachers to collaborate, share resources and ideas. Instructions on how to join can be found on the Communities of Practice page. 

Years 9-12 Learning can be contacted via email at

Course Development

A Learning Area Advisory Group and Critical Friends form part of the advisory and consultation structure for course development. Teachers and the wider educational community are key partners in course development. 

The Learning Area Overview includes the current course offerings and a staged process of replacing or creating new courses.  

For more information visit the Planned Course Provision page. 

Course Development Status

More detail about each phase of the course development process is available.  

Course Development Phase Courses 
Course Development Phase   
Course Concept   
Course Plan Development   
Course Skeleton and Line of Sight Physical Sciences 2 
Physical Sciences 3  
Draft Course Document  
Public Consultation 1  
Formal Review and Feedback  
Public Consultation 2  
Submission for Accreditation  
Review of Accreditation Submission  
TASC Accreditation Advisory Group (AAG)  
Accreditation Decision Science 1 (new for 2022) 
Transdisciplinary Science 2 (new for 2022) 
Transdisciplinary Science 3 (new for 2023) 
Biology 2 (new for 2023) 
Biology 3 (new for 2024) 

Updated course accreditation information can be found on the TASC website.


Information to support the delivery of courses currently accredited by TASC can be found below. 

Biology (BIO215123) – New in 2023  

Biology (BIO315124) – New in 2024

Chemistry (CHM415115) 

Environmental Science (ESS315118) 

Physical Sciences (PSC315118) 

Physical Sciences – Foundation (PSC215118)

A course renewal application has been submitted for this course. 

Physics (PHY415115)

Preliminary Science (Stages 1-4) 

Science (SCC115122) – New in 2022 

Transdisciplinary Science (TDS215122) – New in 2022 

Transdisciplinary Science (TDS315122) – New in 2023 

Professional Learning 

Current professional learning opportunities provided by Years 9-12 Learning can be found on the Professional Learning page.