Communities of Practice

Years 9–12 Learning provide online communities of practice groups for teachers to collaborate and develop a community of practice with peers working in similar learning areas. 

By joining these online communities, teachers can: 

  • collaborate with their peers in Tasmanian schools 
  • access and share teaching and learning resources to support learners 
  • engage in professional dialogue 
  • be involved in course development  
  • be informed about professional learning opportunities. 

How to Join a Community of Practice 

Instructions for non-government teachers: 

  • You will need a Microsoft Office 365 account. Create an account with Microsoft. 
  • Register with Years 9-12 Learning using your school email address. 

Communities of Practice for Senior Secondary Courses 

Click here to register.

  • English 
  • Health and Physical Education (HPE)
  • HASS 
  • Languages 
  • Mathematics 
  • Mixed Field 
  • Science 
  • Technologies 
  • The Arts 

Communities of Practice for VET subjects 

DECYP RTO communities of practice are available through Teams

  • AHC – Agriculture, Horticulture and Conservation and Land Management Training Package  
  • DEF – Defence Training Package and SIS – Sport, Fitness and Recreation Training Package  
  • MST – Textiles, Clothing and Footwear 
  • CUA – Creative Arts and Culture Training Package  
  • HLT – Health  
  • SIT – Tourism, Travel and Hospitality Training Package  
  • AUR – Automotive Retail, Service and Repair Training Package  
  • CPC – Construction, Plumbing and Services Training Package  
  • MEM – Manufacturing and Engineering  
  • SHB – Hairdressing and Beauty Services Training Package  
  • UEE – Electrotechnology Training Package  
  • FSK – Foundation Skills Training Package and TLI – Transport and Logistics Training Package  
  • BSB – Business Services Training Package and ICT – Information and Communications Technology  
  • CHC – Community Services

Other Communities of Practice

  • ApTSL – ASbA Facilitators 
  • Career Education