Australian Curriculum

The Australian Curriculum sets out the priorities and aspirations held for our young people, regardless of where they live and learn. It sets out essential knowledge, understanding and skills students need to learn as they progress through the first 11 years of schooling. 

The review of the Australian Curriculum undertaken in 2020–21 has led to the development of the Australian Curriculum Version 9.0

The Australian Curriculum is three dimensional. It includes: 

  • eight learning areas and subjects – with achievement standards, content descriptions and elaborations 
  • general capabilities 
  • cross-curriculum priorities. 

Together, the 3 dimensions set out essential knowledge, understanding and skills young Australians need so they will be able to learn, contribute and shape their world now and in the future.  

The F–10 Australian Curriculum is implemented in schools according to the timelines and approaches determined by their curriculum authorities. 

Department for Education, Children and Young People (DECYP) schools – visit the Teaching and Learning Centre for more information and resources to support teaching and learning. 

Non-government schools should contact their relevant curriculum authorities or associations.