Applied Capability Qualifications

The Department for Education, Children and Young People is the provider of the Applied Capability Qualifications and maintains quality assurance, recording of overall assessments and issuing of certificates to each student who successfully completes one or more of the qualifications. 

Key Features 

  • The qualifications are aligned with employability skills and real-world contexts and would be appropriate to include on a student’s resume under other qualifications/certification. 
  • Each qualification is at a TASC complexity level 2, and on successful completion, a student’s qualification will be recognised by TASC and allocated two TCE credit points. 
  • The qualifications are asynchronous and self-paced and are nominally 20 hours in size. 

TASC – Recognition of Formal Learning

TASC have agreed to provide Recognition of Formal Learning status for the six Applied Capability Qualifications for delivery from 2024. 

  • Assessing information and sources (AGC05) 
  • Consumer ethics and sustainability (AGC06)
  • Creative and critical thinking for life and work (AGC04)
  • Navigating cultural diversity and identity (AGC03)
  • Resilience strategies for life and work (AGC01)
  • Workplace communication, ethics and conflict resolution (AGC02)

Resources will be available (early in 2024) through the Department for Education, Children and Young People’s learning management tool. 


The Qualifications are designed for Years 9 to 12 students and are available to Department for Education, Children and Young People, Catholic Education Tasmania and Independent Schools Tasmania schools. 

Expression of Interest

If your school would like to deliver the one or more of the Applied Capability Qualifications, please complete this Expression of Interest Form.  

More Information 

More information and additional resources will be available in Term 1 in 2024. 

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