VET Pathways Industry Engagement and Alignment Process: Implementation of the Requirements and Guidelines for the Delivery of VET to School Students

The Years 9 to 12 Project Steering Committee has endorsed the 2022 VET Pathways Industry Engagement and Alignment Process.

Feedback from the 2021 pilot has been incorporated into the 2022 endorsed process. This includes a change to the pilot title from ‘VET Pathways Approval Process’ to reflect what the process purpose is.

The process and timelines for the 2022 VET Pathways and Alignment Process  is available on the Years 11 and 12 Curriculum website.

An Information session will be available for those submitting applications to ask questions about the process. This session will be recorded and shared with VET Liaison Officers.

The session time is:

A Review and Consultation Process will be open in Term 3 and 4 that will inform the process in 2023.

CONTACTS: Years 9 to 12 Learning – Phone: 6165 5759 or